How to protect your business from the data violation with AVG?

No matter whether you have a big business or small business or an enterprise, each and everyone is scared of one thing the most i.e., exploitation of confidential data by the hackers. The global concern is now focused on data protection and looking out for strong data security.

data violation

The year 2017, had witnessed the string of attacks that includes WannaCry and NotPetya. This attacks had made the world realized how important it is to have improved high profile security software. Not just for securing your confidential data, protecting you online, and securing your network but also to alert you beforehand about the danger prevailing over the company and the finances associated with it.

The increase rate in the attacks over the years has clearly proved that the strong security software isn’t enough to fight with the hackers. When around 90% of the cyberattacks are connected with the human error or behavior that makes it clear, nowadays the security of the data requires a tough policy of training, personal responsibility, and working with the trends of the mobile security along with the traditional security steps.

Every year one among the small businesses is getting victimized of cybercrime, GDPR has taken the role of the reminder for the companies to construct the trust and assurance with the clients for the safety of the data.

Here, in this article learn to protect your business from the data violation with AVG Antivirus.

Check out the steps as mentioned below to protect your business with AVG Antivirus-

  • Cybersecurity risk

 Malware the name needs no introduction is regarded as the most notable threats to the data security, particularly for the small businesses. Small business owner, on one hand, feels they are free from the attacks as they are small in number but this confidence put them in huge danger as they get attacks and Server Message Block (SMB) fails to recover from the attack.

To avoid this, it is important that not only the strong endpoint security should put in place but also needs to be updated at a regular basis like AVG Anti-Virus (can be installed by visiting

  • Vulnerable Network Security

A network is always prone to attack, so it is always recommended to protect your network with a strong password. And it is always asked not to share your network password (both wired and wireless)

To protect your network, you should go for AVG Internet Security Business Edition (can be download by visiting

  • Revise the outdated version

You need to update your security software on a regular basis to avoid the exploitation. The reason behind WannaCry able to succeed because many of the systems were running outdated versions of Windows that are no longer supported by Microsoft Company like Windows XP

After purchasing AVG Antivirus offline from an authorized shop, you need to go for AVG Retail Registration by visiting the official website of the AVG.

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